A Month Without Rockets

We were out of town for the ROCK launch at the beginning of the month.  Even if we had been in town, the launch was scrubbed because the field was flooded.

Before we went out of town, I hurt my foot when I lost my balance while carrying some stuff downstairs from our office.  After we returned from the trip, I visited the doctor.  An x-ray showed that I had broken one or both of the bones around the joint in my big toe.

Even though it’s nothing life threatening and is unlikely to affect me once it heals, it really hurt!  And, I discovered that riding in a car for any length of time caused it to hurt even worse. So I was forced to also miss the NEFAR and TTRA launches this month.  Both launch sites are about 1 and 1/2 hours drive from our home.

I’m looking forward to the local launches in October!