Local Launches this Summer

ROCK LaunchROCK holds launches on the first Saturday of each month.  This July, the first Saturday is July 4.  Because of the holiday, ROCK is skipping their July launch.  The next ROCK launch will be August 1.

The next NEFAR launch is Saturday, July 11.  We will be at the launch, but don’t expect to have our trailer with us.  So, if there are any items you think you will need, please Contact Us and we’ll try to bring them.


We Will Be At ROCK’s March Launch

We’re planning to attend ROCK’s March launch on March 2 in Oviedo, Florida.  Look for for the JonRocket.com trailer and stop by to say “hello!” to Roger, Bracha … and Oscar. 

We stock a supply of Estes model rocket motors (including the new composite F and G motors).  We also have some Aerotech motors and many of the supplies you might need such as igniters, recovery wadding, glue, and tape.

Upcoming Central Florida Rocket Launches

We plan to be at the February ROCK and NEFAR launches, but we will not make it to the TTRA launch.

The Rocketry of Orlando’s Community Kids (ROCK) launch will be held Saturday, February 2, at the Barr Street entrance to the Little Econ State Forest in Oviedo, Florida [directions]. 

The Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry (NEFAR) launch will be held on Saturday, February 9, in Bunnell near Daytona Beach [directions].

The Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association (TTRA) launch will be held on Saturday, February 16, in Plant City between Orlando and Tampa [directions].

October ROCK Launch Scrubbed

The October ROCK launch has been scrubbed.  I visited the field this afternoon and it had standing water and was muddy in places.  That might have been okay, but it was still raining while I was there and has continued to rain.  So, the chances are that the field will be much too wet tomorrow for a launch.  After I informed Brian, the ROCK president, about the field conditions, he decided to scrub the launch.


A Month Without Rockets

We were out of town for the ROCK launch at the beginning of the month.  Even if we had been in town, the launch was scrubbed because the field was flooded.

Before we went out of town, I hurt my foot when I lost my balance while carrying some stuff downstairs from our office.  After we returned from the trip, I visited the doctor.  An x-ray showed that I had broken one or both of the bones around the joint in my big toe.

Even though it’s nothing life threatening and is unlikely to affect me once it heals, it really hurt!  And, I discovered that riding in a car for any length of time caused it to hurt even worse. So I was forced to also miss the NEFAR and TTRA launches this month.  Both launch sites are about 1 and 1/2 hours drive from our home.

I’m looking forward to the local launches in October!

JonRocket.com Goes Mobile

Look for the JonRocket.com trailer at launches in the Central Florida region.

We attend the ROCK launches in Oviedo, FL; the NEFAR launches in Bunnell, FL; and the TTRA launches in Plant City, FL. Since, we’re not able to attend all of the launches, please Contact Us if there’s something you need from us at a specfic launch.

We stock a collection of rocketry supplies including single-use motors, igniters, small parachutes, and other things you may need on-site. We don’t generally bring kits or parts to launches. Be sure to Contact Us before the launch if you’d like us to bring anything special.

We accept cash and major credit cards at launches.

For an introduction to rocketry (model rocketry and high-power rocketry) and information about Central Florida rocketry clubs, please visit OrlandoRocketry.com.