Local Launches this Summer

ROCK LaunchROCK holds launches on the first Saturday of each month.  This July, the first Saturday is July 4.  Because of the holiday, ROCK is skipping their July launch.  The next ROCK launch will be August 1.

The next NEFAR launch is Saturday, July 11.  We will be at the launch, but don’t expect to have our trailer with us.  So, if there are any items you think you will need, please Contact Us and we’ll try to bring them.


October ROCK Launch Scrubbed

The October ROCK launch has been scrubbed.  I visited the field this afternoon and it had standing water and was muddy in places.  That might have been okay, but it was still raining while I was there and has continued to rain.  So, the chances are that the field will be much too wet tomorrow for a launch.  After I informed Brian, the ROCK president, about the field conditions, he decided to scrub the launch.