Now Shipping to Australia and Japan

PackageWe recently updated our international shipping policy. We added Australia and Japan to our international destinations (joining Canada and Mexico) and formalized how we handle shipping charges that are significantly different than wgat our web site adds to international orders.

For international orders, our site charges a standard shipping fee based on the cost of shipping an average package (about 1 pound, one ounce) to the destination country via Priority Mail International.  We prefer using Priority Mail because it is more relliable and faster than other methods.

Sometimes our actual cost of shipping will be significantly lower than the standard shipping fee. If this is the case, we will refund a portion of the shipping fee. Our goal is that you will end up paying no more than about $5.00 over the actual cost for us to ship the package.

If the actual cost of shipping is significantly more than the standard shipping fee, we will contact you before shipping and inform you of your options which will include cancelling or changing your order.  If you agree, we will send you an invoice for the additional cost of shipping and will wait to ship the order until we have received the payment.