The “New” Estes Goblin Kit

Estes GoblinIn 1970, Estes introduced the Goblin as a free kit which they included with some orders. In 1972, it appeared for sale in their catalog.

Estes recently reintroduced the kit which is available at With a 24mm motor mount and streamer recovery, the Goblin is designed for high-flying. And, with a yellow and black paint scheme and classic decals, the Goblin also looks good sitting still.

New DFR Technologies Scale Model Rocket Kits

We are excited to announce that we have added the first of DFR Technologies’ new series of scale flying model rocket kits to the store.


The first of the new kits is the Delta-II – GPS, a 1/72nd scale flying model of the United Launch Alliance, NASA, and USAF GPS workhorse rocket.

Delta-IV-M4-2-DFR-005AThe Delta-IV 4M Medium – GPS is a 1/124th scale flying model of the United Launch Alliance Delta IV Medium 4+2 Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle.


Finally, the Delta-IV 5M Medium – WGS or NROL-2 is a 1/124th scale flying model of the United Launch Alliance Delta IV Medium 5+4 (5+2) Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle.

These new kits feature 3D-printed plastic parts and pre-applied printed wraps which make the kits easier to build while adding detail to the scale models.

We are expecting more new kits from DFR Technologies soon!

Web Site Updates

We’re currently in the process of updating the web site. We are updating the product photos and are planning to include photos of the products in their packaging, as you will receive them.  We are also adding additional information about each product including links to copies of the instructions, links to external reviews of the products, and links to Rocksim design files for kits.

We’ve also made minor updates to the site’s appearance. One thing that you may notice is that product pages now utilize the full width of your browser window so that the descriptions and attributes don’t look as cluttered.

Updating the site is time-consuming, so we are far from finished. But, we hope you can already see and appreciate some of the improvements.