Estes’s Blue Origin New Shepard Flying Rocket

Now you can fly the rocket that launched a thousand memes! The rocket that also blasted William Shatner (“Captain Kirk”) into space, is now a scale flying model from Estes.

Using a C6-3 or C5-3 engine, the Blue Origin New Shepard from Estes reaches an altitude of about 400 feet where the parachute deploys to return the booster and capsule to earth.

The New Shepard rocket is now available from


Aerospace Speciality Products

ASP WAC CorporalWe’ve added scale model rocket kits and parachutes from Aerospace Speciality Products to our online store. We approached ASP about carrying their kits after reading reviews in the Model Rocket Building Blog and at  The reviews convinced us that ASP’s kits are of the best quality and are sure to please our customers.

ASP offers scale models in a wide range of sizes, from tiny rockets powered by MicroMaxx motors to large ones propelled by E and F motors.  Often several scale models of a single real-world rocket are available.  For example, the WAC Coporal is offered as a single-stage, MicroMaxx-powered kit (pictured) as well as a two-stage kit powered by a 24mm motor in the booster and an 18mm motor in the upper stage.

DFR’s Atlas V New Horizons Kit

On January 19, 2006, an Atlas V launched from Cape Canveral Air Station to prepel NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft on its three billion mile journey to Pluto. When New Horizons reaches Pluto in the Summer of 2015 it will be travelling about 30,000 mph, too fast for it to be able to slow down to got into orbit around Pluto.  Instead, New Horizons will snap photographs and capture data as it passes within 6000 miles of Pluto’s surface.

DFR’s scale model of the Atlas V in its “New Horizons” AV511 configuration is’s latest addition to our online catalog. This is DFR’s most detailed kit to date with many 3D printed parts and a pre-applied vinyl wrap on the body tube.

DFR Technologies New Horizons Atlas V


New DFR Technologies Scale Model Rocket Kits

We are excited to announce that we have added the first of DFR Technologies’ new series of scale flying model rocket kits to the store.


The first of the new kits is the Delta-II – GPS, a 1/72nd scale flying model of the United Launch Alliance, NASA, and USAF GPS workhorse rocket.

Delta-IV-M4-2-DFR-005AThe Delta-IV 4M Medium – GPS is a 1/124th scale flying model of the United Launch Alliance Delta IV Medium 4+2 Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle.


Finally, the Delta-IV 5M Medium – WGS or NROL-2 is a 1/124th scale flying model of the United Launch Alliance Delta IV Medium 5+4 (5+2) Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle.

These new kits feature 3D-printed plastic parts and pre-applied printed wraps which make the kits easier to build while adding detail to the scale models.

We are expecting more new kits from DFR Technologies soon!